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So How Republican Are you Chris?

I view this particular office to be an odd one to be partisan. As I have said before... what is the difference between a Democrat audit and a Republican one? It is supposed to be a presentation of objective facts.

However, people feel like if they are going to trust someone to represent them that they should know where they stand in regards to different values.

I have had several requests to sign off on the Washington State Republican Party Platform of 2016. I have linked the document below... I have initialed by the principles I can agree with and have written explanations next to the ones I cannot.

Regardless of our individual politics, we are all going to have intrinsic and socialized backgrounds from which we derive our feelings on various issues. I understand that we may not agree 100% on these policies, regardless of what party you affiliate with. I would only ask you at least consider the reasons for which I disagreed with a particular tenant or reach out for additional explanation if you believe I am wrong for agreeing with another one.

Transparency is important... but so is civility. At the end of the day, you may not walk away from a discussion having agreed with me. However, I feel like we can at least listen to each other's points and hopefully find at least some aspects of the issues that we present to one another that perhaps we did not think of before.


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