Washington will recover...

But it will require more than people "expressing concern". When neither party in Olympia will lead, individuals must step up with solutions.

If you select me as your new state auditor, these are some we will accomplish together.

Back to Business 60

With 350 Auditors and 400 total staff within the State Auditor's Office, we will be able to redeploy resources to conduct special engagement audits to verify 2400 local governments can comply with safety protocols to guard against another outbreak. Once a government can demonstrate compliance, they can get the community back to work AND have a compliance audit to provide extra assurance that people are remaining safe. With leadership from the Governor's Office I estimate this could be done in 30-60 days.

Never Again a "New Normal"

Nothing is "Normal" about a pandemic and it is shameful to suggest we will never recover from this. We absolutely needed measures to get us through the worst of COVID-19, but we must be willing to go back and ask tough questions about our response.

My office will conduct a performance audit on the DOH, EMD, and Governor's Office response to COVID-19. We will evaluate both victories and concerns from this deployment and provide these records to the public and to Washington lawmakers. We must ensure that if this ever happens again we are much better prepared to take it on.

A Fair Roll of the Dice

Washingtonians are not asking for a free ride through a pandemic we all suffered together. They want relief from a situation that was no American's fault and they want to have an honest shot to recover from this in a world surrounded by corporate giants.

The State Auditor will continue its role of investigating misuse and fraud involving public dollars. However, we will also begin to publish an annual report, on paper and in a digital press conference, that will highlight all cases we forward to the State Attorney General's Office. We will also demand the final disposition of these cases from the AG, ensuring Washington has a single location to go and find out what the ultimate follow through their government provided to them when misconduct occurs.

Chris Leyba for WA State Auditor

15220 50 Av E, Tacoma, WA 98446


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